Electric Spinning Wheel

“Zwirnzwerg” Modell Version 2.0
If you are interested in our E-Spinner please go in contact with us
Email: info@holzwurmwolle.de
Call: (+49) 7172/3053475

Price: 595 € [inclusiv of VAT, shipping EU 20,99 €]  
If you ar not satisfied in first 14 days you can send the E-Spinner back free shipping in the EU


Technical Data Electric Spinning Wheel

  • Speed adjustable
  • Left and right turning
  • Selection switch foot control
  • Ball bearing flyer front side
  • Capacity bobbins 230g
  • Bobbin dimension: length 14 cm, diameter 10 cm, 8 mm spindles
  • Noise uncouple flyer
  • Massive oiled wood
  • Noice uncoupled powerfull 12 V DC motor
  • Inlay sliding hooks on Carbonarms
  • Max speed netpluged 1800 rpm
  • Max speed with 12 V accumulator 1980 U/min
  • Mass 2,7 kg
  • Dimensions 30 x 26 x 27 cm (length x breath x height)
  • Diameter stich formation 16 mm with 10 mm reduction
  • 8mm flyer spindle
  • 2 mm belt
  • Safety switch

The E-Spinner can also be operated with a 12 V accumulator. The advantage is you are independent of a plug socket and you can spin where ever you want. We don´t sell these accumulators but we can advise some.
Our E-Spinner is build out of high quality material (massive wood, carbon, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, …)

Braked Lazykate, woolhook, 2 mm drive belt, brakespring, brakethread, 10mm reduction for flyer, thrust washer, manual, 3 bobbins, foot pedal, 12 DC power supply with an input voltage between 110 – 240V AC

About the name "Zwirnzwerg":
In German "Zwirnzwerg" means a twisting dwarf.
It´s a play on words becaus of the special beginning "Zw"...